Good publishing practices

Last update : 06/02/2013

The entire content of the website was created and approved by the Editorial Committee composed of specialists and has received numerous awards and distinctions.

As a responsible health care company, Laboratoires Expanscience - website publisher of – is committed to complying with the good publishing practices in force with regard to content and services.

Hence, the following principles are applied:

  • Each document is accompanied by its on-line publication date.
  • To fully inform the reader, if required, the documents provide the reference of the information source.
  • Documents, such as articles where one or more authors are mentioned by name, are signed or initialled to enable identifying their authors. The status of the author is specified when the latter is a doctor.
  • Partnerships: to provide high quality information, some content or services provided on this site may be from specialised publishing companies within the framework of a contractual relationship with Expanscience.
  • AFLAR: AFLAR reviews and validates the overall educational content and therapeutic information aimed at patients.
    AFLAR, French Antirheumatic Association, composed of health care professionals, patients and affiliated patient associations, aims to provide information and promote experience sharing between patients.
  • Social networks: A Twitter feed (@arthrolink), a Youtube channel (Arthrolink) and a Facebook page (Arthrolink) have been set up on social networks for patients and health care professionals. They were created in compliance with the regulatory framework which governs pharmaceutical companies and are designed as services associated with They deal with disease and environment, they do not cite any medication and are controlled afterwards within a 24 hour timeframe.

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