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Well-being lies in our hands

Our mission: help you to shape your well-being while preserving the health of the planet

You don’t give your all without a good reason. At Expanscience, we help you to shape your well-being, starting from childhood and throughout life. It’s what has inspired us to move forward, carry out research and innovate for over seventy years. Independence is our lifeblood. We’re a French company that is 100% family-owned, with products in over 100 countries. We act to ensure the well-being of your skin and body with our Mustela, Babo Botanicals and Piasclédine 300 brands.
We are convinced that aging and quality of life can be reconciled. This is why we help you and those around you who suffer from osteoarthritis to continue doing what you love for as long as possible, by incarnating natural health that commits to serving the greatest number. We design safe, therapeutic solutions like Piasclédine 300, we develop services that enable you to take charge of your illness, and we work with healthcare professionals and society to improve prevention, diagnosis and compliance.
What makes us different is our pioneering commitment to care for both humans and the planet. How? By proposing products that are increasingly natural, by preserving resources and living things, and by developing the circular economy. And we put just as much energy into incarnating a new company model. We act for the well-being of our communities worldwide, we implement a policy of responsible purchasing and local development, and we ensure that our employees are company stakeholders.
For us, it’s clear: the well-being of humans cannot be separated from that of the planet, and it’s up to all of us to ensure this.

Expanscience at a glance

  • Founded in 1950
  • Four businesses: Dermo-Cosmetics, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Cosmetic Active Ingredients
  • 2023 turnover: €339.1 M, including 78% from international sales
  • 1,245 employees and 14 subsidiaries
  • 2.3% of turnover invested in research and development

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