Other imaging examinations


This visualises the chondral lesions on the surface and cartilage loss.  In the shoulder, it also enables assessing lesions of the rotator cuff eventually associated with omarthrosis. In the knee, the coupling of arthrography and scanner provides practical information far superior to conventional arthrography, especially for studying certain meniscal tears, the patellofemoral and femorotibial cartilage (sagittal and frontal) and subchondral bone changes.

Arthrography osteoarthritis femoro tibial

Medial and lateral femorotibial osteoarthritis. Arthrography of the knee.
CHU Pitié-Salpétrière - Pr. Bourgeois and Dr E.Zinc


irm talalgie inflammatoire

Inflammatory heel pain (talagia) Comparative MRI Ultrasound – Spondyloarthropathy.
CHU Pitié-Salpétrière - Dr. Gibert

This enables detecting a potential intra-articular effusion that has gone unnoticed on clinical examination (deep joints) and assessing the condition of the periarticular structures that are often damaged in cases of a joint pathology. It can also be used to guide a treatment procedure (drainage and/or corticosteroid injection).


This is particularly effective in incipient forms of osteoarthritis by showing chondral lesions in 30% of cases where the X-ray is considered normal.

irm genous coupe axiale

Knee MRI - Axial T2 FSE
CHU Nancy-Brabois - Dr. Loeuille and Pr. Chary-Valckenaere

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