Access to Medline

Accès à medline

Access to Medline
Medline is a bibliographical database containing the references and summaries of articles from 3,300 periodicals and publications in the medical field. Several sites offer direct access to Medline.

National Library of Medicine
You have free access without registration to abstracts of more than 9 million articles by using the two official tools of the National Library of Medicine: Gratefulmed and Pubmed. These are the best resources regarding the wealth and updating of data. Other tools are available to you on this site: a dictionary, a database of hospitals, doctors and patient associations

Access is free without registration If the abstract not sufficient for you, you can order the full article (paid service). A database of 65,000 documents is also available after subscription.

Registration is free thanks to a sponsorship system. You must choose a password, allowing you to access Medline and various services: consulting a medical dictionary of 55,000 entries, for example. You can obtain full articles (paid service) directly on this site.

Accès à pubmed


  • is the richest and most updated query interface of MEDLINE;
  • provides free and constant access to MEDLINE;
  • provides a set of filters directed towards "Evidence-Based Medicine" (Clinical Queries);
  • provides links to related articles;
  • allows you to attach an RSS feed to search techniques.

Each clinician thus has an exceptionally rich documentary space at the following address: