Exercise sheets: Exercises to maintain joint function

The exercices sheets to be downloaded present exercises simple to explain and to realize, to help very concretely your patients for a better sustainable physical activity.

These exercises do not require equipment and are organized in three parts, when it is possible : exercises to gain relief, strengthen muscles and stretching movements.

These exercises need to be done with some common sense rules such as preparing for them, breathing during the exercises, not forcing joints, respecting the pause time, gradually increasing the number of sets and so on.
It is also important to give bases of duration of exercises to the patients.
For the movements of strengthening, we can propose series of 5 movements with a longer rest (approximately twice as long as the duration of the movement). We also propose that the patient exchange of position between the exercises (of a foot on the other one for example) to relax the muscles which have just worked.

For the movements of stretching, we suggest maintaining the position several seconds (6 - 10), by stopping if it becomes too painful.