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echelle KOFUS

Diagnostic score for knee osteoarthritis flare-ups: the KOFUS scale
A score over 7 enables retaining a diagnosis of a knee osteoarthritic flare-up.
The sensitivity of the KOFUS score is assessed at 87%, its specificity 87.9%, its positive predictive value at 85.8% and its negative predictive value at 89%.
KOFUS could be used in a standardised way to understand the diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis flare-ups, in particular within the framework of its inclusion in treatment trials.

Variables Absence Presence
Morning stiffness for longer than 20 minutes 0 1
Nocturnal awakenings 0 2
Intra-articular effusion 0 2
Limping 0 3
Joint swelling 0 3
Increased warmth over the joint 0 3
Total 0 14

Statistical analysis enables retaining a diagnostic score with the threshold value at 7 for retaining the diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis flare-ups.

Source : Marty M et al. Validation of the KOFUS (Knee Osteoarthritis Flare-Ups Score). Joint Bone Spine 2009 ; 76 : 433-436.