20 years of Expanscience Osteoarthritis Awards

In 1998, Laboratoires EXPANSCIENCE, eager to achieve strong ties with the French Rheumatology community and participate in the development of clinical and basic research in the field of osteoarthritis, decided to create, with the participation of the French Society of Rheumatology, the EXPANSCIENCE OSTEOARTHRITIS AWARD FOR CLINICAL RESEARCH and the EXPANSCIENCE OSTEOARTHRITIS AWARD FOR BASIC RESEARCH.

These awards honour two French-speaking researchers for the scientific value and innovation of their work. This work must be under publication or have been published during the course of the year. Each winner receives a prize of 3,820 Euros. The awards are announced during the plenary session of the Osteoarthritis Congress of the French Society of Rheumatology which provides the opportunity for a friendly get-together between jury members and candidates on the EXPANSCIENCE stand. The awards are given based on the dossiers by two separate and independent juries:

The clinical research Jury is made up of: Bernard BANNWARTH (CHU Pellegrin, Bordeaux), Pierre BOURGEOIS (CHU Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris), Xavier CHEVALIER (CHU Henri-Mondor, Créteil) and  Damien LOEUILLE (Hôpital Brabois – Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy).

And that of basic research: Francis BERENBAUM (CHU St Antoine, Paris),Yves HENROTIN (CHU Sart-Tilma, Liège), François RANNOU (Hôpital Cochin – Paris), Pascal RICHETTE (CHU Lariboisière, Paris).

The ARTHROSIS AWARDS of the Laboratoires EXPANSCIENCE are open to all hospital doctors of a French-speaking service (heads of services, hospital practitioners, heads of clinics, interns, ...) the applications are to be withdrawn from the agency NUKLEUS - nukleus@nukleus.fr - and are to be submitted in September.

  Prize for Clinical Research Prize for Basic Research
2019 Dr Augustin Latourte Pr Cécile Lambert
Article "Chondrocalcinocis of the knee and the risk for osteoarthritis progression : data from the KHOALA cohort" "Type II collagen peptide Coll2-1 is an actor of synovitis"
2018 Thomas Funck Brentano Yves Henrotin
Article  "Independent risk markers and their causality for knee, hip and hand osteoarthritis : a Mendelian randomization study in the UK Biobank" "Glycation marker glucosepane increases with the progression of osteoarthritis and correlates with morphological and functional changes of cartilague in vivo"
2017 Christelle Nguyen Eymard Florent
Article "Intradiscal Glucocorticoid Injection for patients with Chronic Low Back Pain associated with active discopathy" "Knee and hip intra-articular adipose tissues (IAAATs) compared with autologous subcutaneous adipose tissue: a specific phenotype for a central player in osteoarthritis"
2015 Paul Ornetti  Wafa Bouaziz
Article "Test-retest reliability and responsiveness of centre of pressure measurements in patients with hip osteoarthritis" "Rôle de HIF1 au cours de l'arthrose"
2014 Charline Estublier Florent Eymard
Article "Severe spine osteoarthritis is associated with all cause mortality and abdominal aortic calcification in a cohort of older men - the prospective MINOS study" "Induction of an inflammatory and prodegradative phenotype in autologous fibroblast-like synoviocytes by the infrapatellar fat pad from patients with knee osteoarthritis"
2013 Vincent Burki  Hang Korng EA 
Article "Rapidly destructive tibiofemoral knee osteoarthritis : Clinicoradiological presentation and outcome after global medical treatment including non-arthroscopic joint lavage plus corticosteroid injection. A single center retrolective study" "Pathogenic role of basic calcium phosphate crystals in destructive arthropathies"
2012 Florence Tubach Elise Duval
Article "Minimal Clinically Important Improvement and Patient Acceptable Symptomatic State in pain and function in rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, chronic back pain, hand osteoarthritis, and hip and knee osteoarthritis : the REFLECT multinational study" "Molecular mechanism of hypoxia-induced chondrogenesis and its application in in vivo cartilage tissue engineering"
2011 Thierry Conrozier Catherine Baugé
Article "Early effect of hyaluronic acid intra-articular injections on serum and urine biomarkers in patients with knee osteoarthritis : An open-label observational prospective study" "Modulation of transforming growth factor beta signalling pathway genes by transforming growth factor beta in human osteoarthritic chondrocytes: involvement of Sp1 in both early and late response cells to transforming growth factor beta"
2010 Pascal Richette  Natacha Thelier
Article "Benefits of massive weight loss on symptoms,systemic inflammation and cartilague turnover in obese patients with knee osteoarthritis"  "Design of group IIA secreted/sinovial Phospholipase A2 inhibitors:An oxadiazolone derivative suppresses chondrocyte prostaglandin E2 secretion"
2009 Pas de prix Christelle Sanchez
Article   "Mechanical loading highly increases IL-6 production and decreases OPG expression by osteoblasts"
2008 Philippe Ravaud Ea Hang-Korn
Article "External validity is neglected in reports of randomized trials – the example of hip and knee osteoarthritis" "Annexin V Overexpression Increased Joint Chondrocyte Apoptosis Induced by Basic Calcium Phosphate Crystals"
2007 Raphaële Seror Pascal Richette
Article "Individualizing the WOMAC function subscale : Incorporating patient’s priorities for improvement to measure functional impairment in knee or hip osteoarthritis" "Oestrogens inhibit interleukin 1 beta-mediated nitric oxyde synthase expression in articular chondrocytes through nuclear factor-kappaB impairment"
2006 Florence Tubach Christine Chappard
Article "Feeling good rather than feeling better matters more patients" "Subchondral bone micro-architectural alterations in osteoarthritis : a sunchrotron micro-computed tomography study"
2005 Damien Loeuille Florence Legendre
Article "Macroscopic and microscopic features of synovial membrane inflammation in the osteoarthritic knee" "Implication des voies de signalisation de l’IL-6 dans la régulation des molécules matricielles et de leurs enzymes de dégradation chez les chondrocytes articulaires"
2004 Florence Tubach Pascal Richette
Article "Using patients’ and rheumatologists’ opinions to specify a short form of the WOMAC function subscale" "A peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-a-dependent pathway increases interleukine-1 receptor antagonist production in chondrocytes"
2003 Philippe Goupille Pierre Gillet
Article "Safety and efficacy study of intra-articular injection of IL-1ra in patients with painful osteoarthritis of the knee : a double blind multicentric study" "Thérapie génique et cartilage articulaire : intérêt de l’électroporation"
2002 Serge Poiraudeau Christos Chadjichristos
Article "Algo-functional assessment of knee osteoarthritis : comparison of the test-retest reliability and construct validity of the Womac and Lequesne indexes" "Effets du TGF-ß1 sur l’expression du collagène de type II dans des cultures de chondrocytes différenciés : implication des facteurs de trascription Sp1 et Sp3"
2001 Xavier Chevalier Damien Loeuille
Article "Tissue inhibitor of metalloprotease-1 (TIMP-1) serum level may predict progression of hip osteoarthritis" "Magnetic resonance imaging of normal and osteoarthritic cartilage"
2000 Thierry Conrozier Chafik Ghayor
Article "Serum levels  of YKL-40 and C reactive protein in patients with hip osteoarthritis and healthy subjects : a cross sectional study" "La régulation transcriptionnelle du gène de collagène de type II"
1999 Xavier AYRAL Pas de prix
Article "Validation de la quantification des lésions du cartilage du genou en IRM, en utilisant le score cartilagineux de la Société Française d’Arthroscopie"   
1998 Philippe Ravaud Karim Boumediene



Prix arthrose Expanscience 2018

Osteoarthritis Awards Expanscience in 2019

The prize for Clinical Research was awarded to Dr Augustin Latourte  ( Hôpital Lariboisière - Paris) : for his work : « Chondrocalcinocis of the knee and the risk for osteoarthritis progression : data from the KHOALA cohort ».

And the prize for Basic Research was awarded Pr Cécile Lambert (CHU Sart-Tilman -Liège) for : « Type II collagen peptide Coll2-1 is an actor of synovitis ».