Osteoarthritis Awards

10 years of Expanscience Osteoarthritis Awards

In 1998, Laboratoires EXPANSCIENCE, eager to achieve strong ties with the French Rheumatology community and participate in the development of clinical and basic research in the field of osteoarthritis, decided to create, with the participation of the French Society of Rheumatology, the EXPANSCIENCE OSTEOARTHRITIS AWARD FOR CLINICAL RESEARCH and the EXPANSCIENCE OSTEOARTHRITIS AWARD FOR BASIC RESEARCH.

These awards honour two French-speaking researchers for the scientific value and innovation of their work. This work must be under publication or have been published during the course of the year. Each winner receives a prize of 3,820 Euros. The awards are announced during the plenary session of the Osteoarthritis Congress of the French Society of Rheumatology which provides the opportunity for a friendly get-together between jury members and candidates on the EXPANSCIENCE stand. The awards are given based on the dossiers by two separate and independent juries:

The clinical research Jury is made up of: Bernard AVOUAC (Henri Mondor University Teaching Hospital, Créteil), Bernard BANNWARTH (Pellegrin University Teaching Hospital, Bordeaux), Pierre BOURGEOIS (Pitié Salpêtrière University Teaching Hospital, Paris) and Jean-Pierre VALAT (Trousseaux, University Teaching Hospital, Tours)

And that of basic research: Francis BERENBAUM (St Antoine University Teaching Hospital, Paris), Xavier CHEVALIER (Henri Mondor University Teaching Hospital, Créteil), Yves HENROTIN (Sart-Tilma University Teaching Hospital, Liège), Pascal RICHETTE (Lariboisière University Teaching Hospital, Paris). Over the last ten years the following researchers have received awards: Philippe RAVAUD and Karim BOUMEDIENE (1998), Xavier AYRAL (1999), Thierry CONROZIER and Chafik GHAYOR (2000), Xavier CHEVALIER and Damien LOEUILLE (2001), Serge POIRAUDEAU and Christos CHADJICHRISTOS (2002), Philippe GOUPILLE and Pierre GILLET (2003), Florence TUBACH and Pascal RICHETTE (2004), Damien LOEUILLE and Florence LEGENDRE (2005), Florence TUBACH and Christine CHAPPARD (2006), Raphaële SEROR and Pascal RICHETTE (2007).

This year

Osteoarthritis Awards Expanscience

The prize for Clinical Research was awarded to Charline ESTUBLIER (Hôpital Edouard Herriot) for his work "Severe spine osteoarthritis is associated with all cause mortality and abdominal aortic calcification in a cohort of older men - the prospective MINOS study".

And the prize for Basic Research was awarded to Florent EYMARD (Hôpital Henri-Mondor) for "Induction of an inflammatory and prodegradative phenotype in autologous fibroblast-like synoviocytes by the infrapatellar fat pad from patients with knee osteoarthritis".